After School Program 2017

Mini Camps

Mini- Camp Calendar
2017 School Year
We are open when the schools are closed.
All CHCCS (Chapel Hill) Schools
Durham Schools
Durham Year Round Schools
The Expedition School
The Hill Center
The Emerson Waldorf School

January 17th (The Hill Center)
January 23rd (CHCCS and Durham Schools )
February 6th (The Hill Center)
February 10th (Expedition School )

February 20th (Waldorf School)
February 21st
 (Waldorf School)
February 22nd  (Waldorf School)
February 23rd  (Waldorf School
February 24th  (Waldorf School)
February 26th  (Waldorf School)
March 13th (The Expedition School )
March 14th (The Hill Center)
March 15th (The Hill Center)
March 16th (The Hill Center)
March 14th (The Hill Center)

March 20th (The Expedition School )
March 21st (The Expedition School )
March 22nd (The Expedition School )
March 23rd (The Expedition School )
March 24th (CHCCS and Expedition School )
March 27th (all schools )
March 28th (CHCCS and Expedition School )
March 29th (CHCCS and Expedition School)
March 30th (CHCCS and Expedition School )
March 31st (CHCCS and  Expedition School )
April 3rd (CHCCS and Expedition School )
April 4th
(Durham Year-Round Schools)

April 5th (Durham Year-Round Schools)
April 6th (
Durham Year-Round Schools)
April 7th (Durham Year-Round Schools
April 10th (Durham Schools )

April 11th (Durham Schools )
April 12th (Durham Schools)
April 13th (Durham Schools )
April 14th (CHCCS and Durham Schools )
April 17th (Durham Schools )
April 28th (The Expedition School)
June 5th
June 6th
June 7th
June 8th (The Expedition School)
June 9th (The Expedition School )

Read More About Mini Camps

Visit our Horsemanship Pages for an option to have a riding lesson on a mini camp day.

Mini-Camps are fun! Kids participate in the full array of farm life activities, with lots of time to play and explore. We offer Mini-Camps on Teacher Work Days, Intersessions, & School Holidays. You can sign up for just one day or the whole school break. Advance registration is recommended! 

Our programs are grounded in a foundation and philosophy we call the CRAFTS of Partnership. We help children learn these “CRAFTS” through all we do on the Farm: Communication, Respect, Acknowledgement, Friendship, Trust & Setting Good Boundaries.

Please indicate which days you are registering your child for.


Horsemanship Lessons
Saturday mornings 9:30 -11:00 am or 11:00-12:30 pm
Weekdays (M-F) 4:00-5:30 pm

Farm Birthday Parties or Trail Rides
Saturday and Sunday

Field Trips
Weekdays by appointment

Call 919-968-8581 to register or consult our website

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